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Couples Work

Couples therapy is a healthy pathway for improving relationships and enhancing intimacy. Through therapy, individuals in a relationship can learn how to better understand and communicate with one another, address conflicts and challenges, and strengthen their bond. Therapy can provide insights into the dynamics of your relationship and teach you new tools and strategies for fostering a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Let's invest in your relationship

The process is unique to each couple. Most often couples face issues associated with communication, conflicts over money or parenting, and a lack of intimacy or connection. To work through these challenges, it is important to feel Seen, Heard, Understood and Respected. These concepts can become significant barriers to effectively addressing relations challenges. 


For better or for worst, we desire for our spouse to see us and accept us for all that we are. This doesn't mean they need to like every bit of us (we may not either), but it does mean that they care enough about us to see us for who we are, rather than who the other wants us to be.


"You aren't listening!" Does this sound familiar? I help couples learn to listen to understand, rather than wait for their moment to speak. 


Empathy is key to any relationship. Without it, people struggle to find safety in the relationship. Couples therapy helps facilitate understanding of your partner's thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Understanding someone else doesn't necessarily mean you agree with them, it just means you honor them enough to learn how they see you and the world around them.


Respect is about showing someone they are important, valuable and worthy of esteem (feeling positive about themselves). Whether we like it or not, the way our spouse feels about us matters. I help couples communicate love and respect for one another in a way that can be heard, seen and understood by the person receiving it. In many ways, respect becomes a by-product of these components.

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