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Afraid of Vulnerability? Don’t Be. It’ll Help Your Relationship

Vulnerability is sometimes viewed as the ultimate weakness, especially for men. But in reality, it's actually a strength that can be incredibly beneficial in relationships. Here's why:

1. Vulnerability feeds intimacy: When you’re able to be vulnerable with your partner, you’re able to create a deeper level of intimacy and understanding. Intimacy is crucial to a strong, trusting connection and vulnerability can support it in many ways.

2. Vulnerability is the ultimate honesty hack: Being vulnerable requires honesty, and honesty is essential for any healthy relationship. It's hard to make stuff up and often we wear it on our face. Be honest with yourself and others, it will fuel trust in the relationship.

3. Vulnerability is an empathy enabler: Vulnerability also promotes empathy. It helps you be more open and understanding to your partner and their perspective. Taking anothers perspective into consideration is a huge way to help your partner feel seen, heard, understood and respected.

Don't be afraid to get vulnerable with your loved one, I'm talking to you fellas out there. You'll thank me later. Interested in learning how to be vulnerable in your relationship? Embrace it and you’ll be on your way to a stronger, more resilient relationship in no time.

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