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What is Vulnerability, Really?

Vulnerability is often talked about in the context of relationships, but it can be difficult to understand what it really means and how it looks in practice. Let’s dive into vulnerability and explore how it can impact our relationships.

What is vulnerability, really? Vulnerability is the willingness to be open, honest, and transparent with others, even at risk of exposing our weaknesses or insecurities. It can feel uncomfortable but it allows us to be authentically seen by others.

Vulnerability allows for deeper intimacy and closeness in relationships. When we are vulnerable with someone, we are allowing them to see us at our most authentic and genuine, which can create a deeper sense of connection and trust. In romantic relationships, vulnerability is a key element in building this connection and trust. Don't forget, how we respond to someone's vulnerability will have a major impact on whether or not your partner will feel safe continuing the risk that comes with being vulnerable. Listen, free yourself from judgement and honor the person who is being vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage and they clearly feel safe enough with you to trust you with it.

However, vulnerability isn't just for romantic relationships. Family relationships, friendships and even professional relationships can be strengthened and vulnerability can be a tool for building deeper, more meaningful connections, fostering greater trust and understanding.

What does it look like in practice? Here are a few examples of how vulnerability shows up in your life:

  • Sharing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone else, even when it’s difficult or scary to do so

  • Asking for help or support when we need it

  • Being open and transparent with our partners, even when it means admitting our flaws or weaknesses

Being open and transparent with others opens the door for them to do the same. While it can be difficult to be vulnerable, the rewards of allowing ourselves to be open and honest with others are well worth it.

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